Gracious Words

With Cheryl Brodersen

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Gracious Words

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Cheryl was born the youngest daughter of Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith. At a young age, her father instilled in her a love for biblical truth. But according to Cheryl, her mother was the person who infused her with a passion and enthusiasm for the promises and exhortations of Scripture.

Although Cheryl grew up in a godly home, she experienced a two-year crisis of faith her senior year of high school and first year of college. Introduced to intellectualism and stumbled by an emotional upheaval, she almost surrendered her faith. “I remember being alone in my room and literally contemplating resigning myself from the Christian faith. … Suddenly, I felt a presence enter the room.” Cheryl describes this as the time Jesus presented Himself to her and asked, “What will YOU do with Me?” That day, Cheryl made a full surrender of her life to Jesus Christ.

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