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Early years. Alejandro Alonso was born on August 14, 1952, in his grandfather’s house in Querétaro, Mexico. He began his musical career at a very early age. During his teen years he was the lead guitarist in a number of bands playing in pubs and popular Mexican nightclubs. In 1971 Alejandro had a born again experience and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Immediately, […]

TWO OR MORE is an Ecuadorian-American band from Southern California that performs a style of Latin rock that has been compared to Santana, Gypsy Kings and MANÁ, with elements of blues, soul, and pop. The band consists of three brothers: Walter, Eddie, and Renatto Aguas. From the Black Crowes and Beach Boys to the BeeGees […]

Award-winning Christian Rap Artist – Pastor  – Music Producer – Video Director – Teacher/Mentor & more! The Prophet X is a Gospel Rap artist and Christian minister based in Arizona. He was born in Lima Ohio but was raised in Los Angeles, CA. He has been involved in Gospel Rap Ministry for over 18 years. Prophet began rapping as a […]

Songs born out of trial and triumph, Balla Dear explores the dichotomy of the human condition, the physical and the spiritual. From deep in the heart of central Arkansas, Balla Dear muses in the medium of Southern Folk, Country Gospel, and Folk Ballad. The themes are evident; peace and solace amidst one’s own undoing. Sacrificial love […]

For New Jersey native Gia Lucid, leading worship and writing music is much more than a mere occupation.  It’s a privilege and a calling.  As a worship leader, Lucid aims to serve as a guide, leading people into a state of worshipping God rather than putting on a performance.  for full Bio Click here.

The Scott Cunningham Band has just released a new EP titled “Steadfast Love.” Enjoy new worship music and download “Steadfast Love” on all available digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes or purchase a hard copy!  This latest release from Calvary Creative delivers another great blend of solid vocals and clean, effortless sound with God-glorifying lyrics. Their EP features songs such as the […]

Stilly B. Is a Westcoast rapper. Check out his links below for more information.

Travis Tremayne Tyler, (born March 17, 1977) better known by the stage name Thi’sl is an American Christian hip hop producer and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. In 2007 Thi’sl was signed to the record label X-Hustler where he recorded three studio albums, After This House I Shall Live, Chronicles of an X-Hustler and Beautiful Monster. In 2012 he was featured […]

Madison Cunningham (born 1996[1]) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her 2019 album, Who Are You Now was nominated for the best Americana album in the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.[3] Rolling Stone describes her music as “a new spin on West Coast folk-rock, with classical tendencies, electric guitars, jazz-school chord changes and alt-rock strut all living under the same roof”.[4]

ENTERLINE are married duo Drew and Melanie Enterline from Costa Mesa, California. They have been writing and recording music together since early 2014. They came out with their first EP “In Heaven’s Light” in 2015 and just released their first full-length record entitled “Kingdoms”. They play several music festivals, and concerts throughout Southern California, where you […]

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