Alejandro Alonzo

Written by on July 22, 2020

Early years. Alejandro Alonso was born on August 14, 1952, in his grandfather’s house in Querétaro, Mexico.

He began his musical career at a very early age. During his teen years he was the lead guitarist in a number of bands playing in pubs and popular Mexican nightclubs.

In 1971 Alejandro had a born again experience and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Immediately, he began composing his own material and developing his vocal skills.

In 1972, he married artist and flautist, Pamela Alonso, and they soon had three children together: Alicia, Job and Rebekah.

From 1973-1980 he dedicated a great deal of time to using his music as an evangelistic tool performing at colleges, universities, open-air concerts and prisons.

Alejandro Alonzo

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