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Pastor Bob Hoekstra was the founder and Director of Living in Christ Ministries. He had been in ministry since 1967, including fourteen years in Dallas, TX and eleven years as Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Irvine, CA. He and his wife, Dini, were married in 1966, and have three adult children and thirteen grandchildren. Bob graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1973 with the Master of Theology degree.

Bob’s involvement with the Calvary Chapels began in 1971, when he and his wife Dini visited Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa on a Sunday evening. They were deeply touched by the life-giving teaching of the word of God, the simple worship “in Spirit and in truth”, and the profound expressions of the love of the Lord among the saints. Upon returning to Dallas, they regularly obtained Pastor Chuck Smith’s teaching tapes and eventually became daily listeners of the Word for Today on the radio.

Since 1993, Bob had been teaching at Calvary Chapel and other church fellowships across the country and overseas (including, Seminars, Pastors’ Conferences, Church Services, Leadership Conferences, Retreats, and Schools of Evangelism/Ministry). He has taught numerous classes at Calvary Chapel Bible College (both at its former location in Twin Peaks, CA and its current location in Murrieta Hot Springs, CA) as well as at the extension campuses of Costa Mesa, Vista, San Diego, El Cajon, and others. Bob’s teaching generally highlights such subjects as Counseling God’s Way, Family God’s Way, Growing in the Grace of God, The Church: How Jesus Builds It, Contending for the Faith, Promise Believers, The Sufficiency of Christ and His Word, The Psychologizing of the Faith, and related themes. The Living in Christ Radio Program featuring these studies is heard on radio stations across America as well as on-demand through our website and on

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